31 Days of 90's Cartoons

A couple years ago I used to paint a lot more regularly than I have in the last year or so and since I finally had some time I wanted get back into painting more frequently. What better way to do that than to do an art challenge which would require me to paint consistently every day for 31 days? My love for painting and art in general stems back to my youth and love for cartoons so I wanted to celebrate that with a collection of some of my favourite 90's cartoons! Hopefully as you browse through these pieces you'll experience those warm nostalgic feelings and memories of some your favourite cartoons along with me.

I wanted this challenge to mean something more than just me painting which was when I decided I wanted to donate some of the proceeds from this collection towards a good cause. Unfortunately, cancer is something that has affected far too many people and I'm no exception. I lost both my mother in 2013 and my aunt in 2016 so in their memory 50% of all proceeds from this collection is going to support the Canadian Cancer Society to help fund research and support the lives of those still fighting their battle <3.

Mom  Mom (Sharon) 

Auntie Carol  Aunt (Carol)

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