What is a commission?

A request by a customer to an artist to create a custom piece of work.

How does it work?

  1. You provide your design concept and canvas size*
  2. I will provide you with a quote 

If you choose to proceed,

  1. I will prepare a mockup of the piece and revise as necessary until you are happy with the final look 
  2. I create your piece and bring your vision to fruition

*in addition to canvases, I can create custom work on pretty much anything you desire. For example, murals, table tops, stools, clothing, shoes, etc. Contact me with your request and we can discuss options.


Due to the nature of custom work, full payment is due up front and there are no returns or exchanges.

  • 20% deposit required prior to mockup of the design
  • Remaining balance required before painting begins



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